10 gallon – week 4 update

This week is a lot more of the same. I haven’t really had much time to dedicate to this tank because I’ve been focused on other projects with the 3D printer. So, it’s pretty much the how it was last week except for some additional growth. The dwarf hairgrass is filling in a bit more so that is nice to see. I still need a background and I promise I am thinking about it. It’s just difficult to simply head out and get something in this current world.

I pretty much just did a water change and glass cleaning. I decided to start taking as much water from the tank as I can to water the plants. Not only will this be good for my regular plants but it’s also reusing water. Less waste!

It’s unlikely next week’s update will have any significant changes. But, you should be on the edge of your seat with anticipation for that anyway because … who knows? Maybe I’ll do something interesting. But probably not next week.

after water change

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