10 gallon – week 9 update

Week 9 is here and what a difference pressurized CO2 makes. The regulator is still holding with no signs of trouble and the CO2 is being diffused into the water on a schedule, courtesy of my WeMo smart plug. The biggest noticeable difference is the change in growth. The plants are definitely looking healthier, growing stronger, and showing their true colors. The various rotalla are showing their red, yellow, and orange hues, which is a sight to see.

I’m also very happy that the dwarf hair grass is starting to make a comeback. It’s always been a lover of pressurized CO2 and high light. Now that its got both, it’s starting to make a comeback and looking much greener and healthier than before. The lobelia cardinalis are also doing great with the added CO2. The leaves are looking healthy, green, and full instead of stunted and covered in spot algae.

lobelia cardinalis

I did a very slight trim to the rotalla this week but otherwise left the plants the same. Still on the hunt for a background, but I might head out and try to find something this weekend. You’ll see it here when I do. That’s it for this week though.

before water change
after water change

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