a new gadget appears!

After a long wait, I finally received my Sony Xperia 1ii (pronounced mark two) today. I’ve been looking forward to receiving this phone from the day it was announced and after seeing all the reviews showcasing the unique and amazing camera features. I’m looking forward to taking this bad boy for a spin and checking out all the features.

I know there are many, many reviews out there for the Xperia 1ii, but I will be doing my own version. I find that many reviews, especially those on big tech sites, tend to get things wrong. I’d like to provide the most correct information possible as of the date of the review with regards to specs and features. I also will take deep, detailed dives into the unique software on the Xperia 1ii. Something that we don’t usually get from other reviewers. Of course, there will be lots of sample photos and video too!

For now, I just wanted to share the news. Stay tuned for more!

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