mini-makes: simple phone stand

Sometimes, propping your phone up on something is just easier than holding it. I figured it would be quick and easy to draw up and print a simple phone stand for these situations. This is a simple print using white PLA with debossed branding. In retrospect, I think the stand would have functioned just fine with a shorter back. I was slightly concerned about the balance given that my Xperia 1ii is tall and skinny. But, I could probably lose about 20mm and still be ok. I think designing some indents into the bottom to add rubber feet would have been nice, but not a deal breaker.

I’m happy with it. It’s simple and it does what I need it to – hold the phone in portrait or landscape orientation. It is also sturdy enough to allow me to use it while it’s in the stand. I purposely did not design access for a USB-C charging cable because I just don’t charge my phone that often. I may add that in a later design if I feel it’s necessary. It’d also probably be easy to add a Qi charger to the back if wireless charging were desired.

Printed using Hatchbox White PLA on a Prusa i3 MK3S and sliced with Prusa Slicer. Layer height was 0.15mm to ensure sharp letters in the branding. Settings were default for Hatchbox PLA except detect bridges was activated.

Not a huge post, simple design for a simple product. Let me know what you think!

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