mini-makes: Simple Solder Spool Holder

Happy new year all. It’s been awhile since my last post and unfortunately, this post won’t be about anything extensive. I do have lots of content coming, so please stay tuned. I’ve been doing a lot of soldering lately and found that handling the solder was getting to be a pain. I looked to see what available solutions were and decided to just print my own. This is a very simple solder spool holder and fits this specific brand of solder I purchased.

As you can see from the pictures below, the spool simply rests on the two posts and feeds the solder through a small guide, which I thought would help keep the solder from unspooling unnecessarily and getting tangled. It works for the most part. Two M3 screws on either side of the cylinder keep things spinning.

I added some stick on rubber feet to give it some traction and keep it from sliding around when I pulled on the solder. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough weight so it does slide a bit. However, once it finds the lip of my cutting mat to hold onto, it stays put.

That’s pretty much it. A simple solder spool holder to keep the solder organized during a long solder session. It was simple, took just an hour to print everything, and costs a lot less than ones you can buy.

Thanks for reading and come back soon. Coming soon are the posts related to the Christmas projects I mentioned in my prior post, as well as some news on ongoing projects! Stay tuned!

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