Voron 2.4r2 350mm Build – The Frame

The frame of the Voron 2.4 is made of 2020 aluminum extrusions. As I am going for an all black theme, of course, my aluminum extrusions are all black. The LDO kit has black anodized aluminum extrusions and they are beautifully finished.

The frame is connected using blind joints and M5 screws. Getting the frame square is a matter of ensuring the extrusions don’t twist when tightening the screws, making sure the ends are flush to the other connecting perpendicular extrusion, and of course, ensuring right angles at each corner. I don’t have a granite, quartz, or glass top to work on to ensure perfect flatness, so I took my time and used my metal square and one of the other extrusions as a flatness reference.

I checked flushness and angles as I went and only tightened enough to keep things from moving too much. Once the frame was complete, I went back through, checked everything again and tightened all the screws. Checking the diagonals on all sides, I was off by less than a millimeter, which is good enough for me.

Corner bracket for the bed extrusions

With that, the frame was complete. All in all, it took me about 2 hours but I really took my time. I don’t mind that it took so long. I’m enjoying the process and taking the time to appreciate each step and perform them as precisely and accurately as possible is more important than speed.

Next up is the Z assembly, which includes the Z-drives, Z linear rails, and Z idlers. There’s a lot of steps involved in this part so I’m not sure when I’ll finish, but I will post when I do. Again, this blog series isn’t meant to be a how to, the manual is there for that. It’s merely to share my experiences and keep a log of my build. Right now, I’m sure it’s not that interesting, but hopefully when I get the the custom designed parts, it will be. Stay tuned until then!

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