10 gallon – week 2 update

Week 2 brings a bit more change. Plants have clearly taken root and have started to grow taller. A bit more discipline on my part with dosing fertilizer and carbon has resulted in better leaf development in the styrogene repens. However, it’s clear that all plants, except for maybe the bacopa caroliana, are struggling with the lack of pressurized CO2. I may have to look into getting a new diffuser and reconnect the pressurized CO2.

The tank still looks pretty sparse and definitely not as “clean” as I would like. There is a clear lack of “lushness” to the plants that I’d like to recover. If you read my photo story, you’ll see what I mean by “lushness”. The plants just look incredibly healthy with bright greens and liveliness throughout. I’m just not seeing that right now and I’ll need to get it back with some changes in my maintenance and dosing.

I also want to find some kind of dark background. I’ve been pondering it, but haven’t had a chance to do anything about it. It’s been a busy week with my 3D printer arriving and that’s what I’ve been focused on. Once that’s fully tuned and calibrated, I’ll have more time and attention to offer the tank. Right now, it’ll just have to do its best with the minimal attention I am giving it. Despite everything, the guppies remain very happy and healthy.

More next week!

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